2in1 Knife Scissor Sharpener


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2 in 1 Knife Scissor Sharpener.ONE tool to sharpen both knives and scissors sharp as new. Re-sharpens knives even large blunt kitchen knives cleavers choppers and mezzalunas. Also sharpens large and small scissors – left or right handed. NOTE: not suitable for serrated or scalloped-edges knives.

Knives cleavers mezzalunas: With the back edge of the knife on a flat surface simply draw the sharpener across the cutting edge. After 5-6 passes the tungsten carbide sharpening heads restore a really sharp edge right up to the tip even on the bluntest edges
Scissors: Simply push the blades through the tungsten carbide sharpening head. Repeat up to 10 times to get edges sharp enough to cleanly cut tissue paper.

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